Sunday, April 17, 2011

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Random Thoughts April 17, 2011

Finland of all places is like to be a problem for continuation of the bailout process by Germany and other strong European economies of the weaker ones.  Finlanders, it seems, don’t want to bail them out.  Elections in that country may well result in an anti-bailout policy by the government, and it only takes one to stop the policy cold in its tracks.

Tim Geithner is confident that there will be no default crisis from the failure of the Republican House to pass a debt ceiling bill.  Kinda fills you with confidence doesn’t it, when it comes from the man who was the architect of the U. S. bailout and probably the first Sec of Treasury who could not do his taxes correctly.

According to the WSJ businesses in the U. K are not stepping up to the plate to replace public spending with private investment.  Unlike politicians, business understands that when fiscal policy contracts an economy, there is less consumption and hence less need for investment.  Don’t you wish this was taught in basic economics classes?  Wait, it is.

Nicholas Cage was arrested.  Why exactly is that news?

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