Friday, April 22, 2011

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Random Thoughts April 22, 2011

Lindsay Lohan is still in the news.  Why?

With John Ensign resigning from the Senate the Democrats lose one more chance to take over a Republican seat.  Ensign was not running for re-election but his presence would have been a negative factor for the Republican nominee.  Now with an incumbent Republican running in 2012 the seat is probably safe.  The only other Democratic pickup was in Mass., but the question there, like in Texas is not whether or not the Democrat will win, but whether or not they even will field a credible candidate.

John McCain is in Libya.  We’re sorry, we thought he lost the election.

Toyota says normal production of autos in Japan is months away.  You see, when you do not have effective regulation you can cause a lot of problems for a business.

We read the WSJ editorial pages so you don’t have to.  Karl Rove says that Republicans can win in the debt ceiling vote if they stick together and enforce their demands.  He’s wrong.  The Republicans can win only if Obama caves, again. 

Pawlenty and Gingrich are the latest Republicans to run away from Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan.  Mitt Romney says he can go either way on the issue, and expects that during the campaign he will be both for and against the Plan.

Paul Caron has the best tax blog on the Net.  See it here

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