Thursday, April 14, 2011

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Random Thoughts April 14, 2011

The headlines today said “Obama to cut $4 Trillion from Budget”.  Over at the WSJ Karl Rove said Obama was still not serious about cutting spending.  How is it that this man is not able to hold a job better than ditch digger?  Of course, only the WSJ and Fox News would employ him.

The President made a brave statement today, said he was wrong to vote against raising the debt ceiling when he was a Senator.  Said he did it for political reasons.  Wow, honesty in a politician, what will they think of next?

Jim Demint says he will block a vote on the debt ceiling, says he doesn’t care if it takes the Republican Party down.  We can only hope.

Charles Krauthammer joins the chorus of those who say the top marginal tax rate must be cut.  Gosh, raising it during the Clinton years must have been economically disastrous. Yes, if you define a disaster as low unemployment, high economic growth and a balanced budget.  He also says the Ryan Plan is does not have smoke and mirrors.  Guess he didn’t read the Plan.

What does it say about a political party that ragards Donald Trump as a serious presidential candidate?

Mitt Romney has not produced his birth certificate.

Greece and Ireland are experiencing a higher degree of a depressed economy than was expected by many so-called experts.  Just what part of austerity did they not understand?

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