Monday, March 5, 2018

W. Va. Republicans Renege on Deal to Raise Teacher's Pay

Renege, That's What Republicans Do

Starting West Virginia teachers make about what those who will be getting the $15 an hour minimum wage will get.  Yep, pretty disgraceful.  So there was joy all around when the Republican Governor agreed to a 5% raise and that was passed in the lower house in the state.  But then the mean spirited Republicans in the state senate got into the act.

"The Republican-controlled Senate voted Saturday evening to approve the lower pay raise, bucking teachers, Republican Gov. Jim Justice and the Republican-controlled House, which approved the 5 percent raise on Wednesday."

Why, well teachers are represented by unions and Republicans hate unions. So they stuck it to the teachers, just for the fun of it. The good news, the teachers are not backing down.

Good for them!

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