Sunday, March 18, 2018

Congressman to Stick It to Trump and Sessions on McCabe Firing

A One Day Hire Would Undo Petty Actions of Donnie and Beau

The White House orchestrated the firing of the number two person at the FBI a day before he was to retire. Why. To punish him for adding legitimacy to the Mueller probe. Mr. McCabe may (or may not) have had a minor violation, but from all reports it was not serious enough to fire him in order to deny him his pension. It was simply a mean, vindictive act by a mean and vindictive administration wanting to punish someone who thought potential crimes should be investigated even if they involved the President and to scare others.

Now a neat solution has arrived that would allow McCabe to keep his full pension.

At least one Democratic congressman has offered McCabe a temporary job so he can get full retirement benefits — and McCabe appears to be considering.
Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) announced Saturday afternoon that he has offered McCabe a job to work on election security in his office, “so that he can reach the needed length of service” to retire.

And it may work!

McCabe's team is confident that he had at least 20 years of law enforcement work under his belt — defined as carrying a weapon or supervising people who do — which made him eligible to retire on his 50th birthday on Sunday, with full retirement benefits.
With those 20 years, he would need to just go to work with the federal government for another day or so in any job he pleases, whether that's as a election security analyst for a Wisconsin congressman or a typist for a day, to get full benefits, said the former official who spoke to The Fix. The job doesn't matter so much as the fact that he's working within the federal government with the same retirement benefits until or after his 50th birthday.

Let's hope this pans out, if for no other reason than to see the look on Trumpie face when he hears about it. This assume everyone's TV will show that shade of bright red.

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