Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Democrats, Not Republicans Need to Be Warned by Pa. Election

Will They Learn?  Probably Not

The special election in western Pennsylvania may (or may not, but probably) will go to the Democrat.  Everybody says this is a message to the Republicans, because the district was heavily Republican.  Everybody is wrong.  The message here is for Democrats.

First of all, switch a couple of hundred votes and the story is how the Dems still could not win even with a great candidate and a Repubican hack on the other side.  But most importantly, if the polls were even close to being correct the Dem was ahead by four or five points until Trumpie came into the district and made it a tie.  The point, Trump can motivate his base and the House is not going to be Democratic after the fall elections unless Dems get out and vote.

Are you listening Nancy Pelosi?  If so, are you packing your bags?  You should be.

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