Tuesday, March 6, 2018

It's Crooks Day at the White House – Trump and Netanyahu Compare Crimes

And Other Snarky Comments on the News

  1. Donnie and Bibi met to talk about the middle east, well not the issues causing wars and terrorism, but whether or not they could plead distractions from that area were the cause of their total lack of ethics. Trump did not tell Bibi “Hey, all you got was a couple hundred k in bribes, I got the Presidency'.

  1. A British soccer exec equated the Star of David with the Swastika. He apparently got confused because he forgot to wear his and accidentally left it at home on his honorary KKK robe.

  1. Paul Ryan is reportedly upset with the new tariffs and wants them gone. When asked if he would lead legislative action to get rid of them he reportedly told friends he would have to get written permission from Trumpie. He then shifted his attention to taking health care away from low income families.

  1. Some courts are ruling that gay men and women have protecton under the civil rights laws. Conservatives are aghast, and don't understand how laws meant to promote equality could possibly protect people other than old white males.

  1. The Oscars reached a new high as they managed a three plus hour show without embarrassing anyone.

  1. Republicans are pouring millions in a special election in Pennsylvania in a district that Trump carried by a huge margin. The party has said it doesn't want to be embarrassed in an election, but then took a look back at the 2016 Presidential race and realized it was too late for that

  1. Contrary to reports that Jared Kushner could not get a high level security clearance because of his questionable business and government actions it turns out he was denied the clearance because his mommy would not let him say up past 9:30 on school nights.

  1. Ivanka Trump has not told friends “What's the point of being in public service if you can't make a buck?”.

  1. Does anyone know how a somnolent like Wilbur Ross ever made any money? With some of his answers on Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd could not help himself and burst into laughter.

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