Saturday, March 31, 2018

Jared Kushner is in Charge of Bringing Peace to the Middle East.

Here's the Latest

It was going to be easy to solve the Middle East conundrum. Put a sniveling son-in-law in charge and the problems would be solved. Here's what happening right now.

Israeli Military Kills 15 Palestinians in 
Confrontations on Gaza Border

JERUSALEM — What was billed as a six-week campaign of peaceful protests in Gaza descended almost immediately into chaos and bloodshed on Friday, with health officials in the Palestinian territory saying Israeli soldiers killed 15 Palestinians in confrontations along the border fence.
Soon after the campaign began Friday morning, the Israeli military said Palestinian protesters were rioting in six places along the border, rolling burning tires and hurling stones at the fence and at Israeli soldiers beyond it.
Later, the military said Palestinians threw Molotov cocktails at soldiers and that it had also thwarted a shooting attack in northern Gaza and an attempt to infiltrate the border. Israeli forces fired live ammunition, rubber bullets and tear gas.

Yep, doing a heckuva job Jared. Try not to overdo the celebrations of peace this Passover.

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