Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Wisconsin Judicial Race Says People Don't Like NRA, Trump

Hey Conservatives, Are You Getting the Message?

A race for a seat on the Supreme Court in Wisconsin normally is not news outside of Kenosha.  But yesterday it was news, as reported by the Washington Post.


Democrat wins a bitter, costly race for 

Wisconsin Supreme Court

Both candidates and their supporters turned the race, which is technically nonpartisan, into a political referendum. Dallet ran early ads that accused President Trump of “attack[ing] our civil rights and our values,” while Screnock portrayed himself as a “rule of law” conservative endorsed by the National Rifle Association. By election day, more than $2.5 million had been spent on TV ads.
With 88 percent of the precincts reporting, Dallet had 56 percent of the vote and Screnock had 44 percent.

Wow, Wisconsin which has turned slightly Republican decisively went against the NRA and conservatives. Big news people.

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