Tuesday, April 10, 2018

GOP To Chase Their Dream – Make Low Income People Go Hungry

Take Away Their Food – Take Away Their Dignity

Republicans never tire of trying to use the money from cutting benefits to low income to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. Well they got the tax cuts for the money bags, now they just need to cut nutrition assistance, and they are off to the races.

WASHINGTON—House Speaker Paul Ryan’s long-sought goal of overhauling welfare programs will get a kick-start when Congress returns to Washington this week, as Republicans prepare to release a new, five-year farm bill that would impose tougher work requirements to get food stamps.

It remains to be seen if this is just a symbolic middle finger to people struggling to put food on the table, or real policy. Either way, cutting nutrition assistance to families who need it defines the Republican Party of Donnie Trumpie.

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