Thursday, April 5, 2018

Patient Doesn't Have $6,500 Cash to Pay for Prescription

Too Bad, Just Die

The prescription drug pricing crisis in the U. S. is not getting the attention it needs, and certainly getting nothing from Trumper who promised to do something about it. Here is one dire situation from the WSJ.

Killgore, who was born with hemophilia, knew that clotting factor would help stop the bleeding and pain. He had previously used a co-pay coupon provided by the factor’s manufacturer to afford the prescription, but it wasn’t working this time.
To get his life-sustaining medication, Killgore needed to pay his $6,500 health insurance deductible in full, the pharmacy told him.

It was money Killgore and his wife, Lauren, already grappling with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student and medical debt, just didn’t have.
Lauren asked a customer service representative about a payment plan, and was advised to borrow money from family or take it out in credit cards.

Killgore ended up being hospitalized and needing surgery, something that taking the factor would have completely avoided.

How does this happen to a person with insurance? Oh, high deductibles that must be paid before any insurance kicks in. This is the junk insuranace type Republicans want to replace ACA. After all, shouldn't everyone have that experience?

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