Thursday, April 12, 2018

Missouri Republican Gov. Charged with Felony in Sex Scandal

Still Has Support of 55% of GOP Voters

Another nail in the coffin of Republican ethics is happening in Missouri where the recently elected governor is charge with a felony for threatening his girl friend. Of course he was married at the time, he is a liar and a cheater.

But the not so amazing thing is that his support among the GOP is still fairly solid.

Greitens’ job approval ratings have tumbled since his personal foibles were exposed. But they haven’t collapsed irreparably, some Republican insiders say. In an early March survey, 34 percent of Missouri voters gave Greitens positive marks; among Republicans, that number was nearly 55 percent.

Yes these are the same people who thought Bill Clinton was the devil incarnate for his actions. But then Bill didn't cut taxes for billionaires, so we guess he deserved it.

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