Thursday, October 26, 2017

Unlike Dems, Steve Bannon is Willing to Go Out and Fight for His Cause

And Other Snarky Comments on the News

  1. Democrats are failing as a party in part because they just don't have the energy or the will to make their case to the American public. The Republican strategist Steve Bannon who wants to destroy the Republican party (yes, odd thing for a strategist to do but that's where we are) is willing to do the hard work of traveling and speaking to make his argument. Dems are not   even willing to appear on the news shows.

  1. An NFL football player seems to have immediate access to federal courts while the rest of us have to wait months and years to get a hearing. Could it be that the system plays favorites? Nah, that can't be, Lady Justice is blind.

  1. In recent weeks Sen. McCain has shown what he could have been. Now it's just too late.

  1. The NCAA refused to do anything to the University of North Carolina which created fake courses so its athletes could stay eligible to play. Just another nail in the coffin of the idea that college athletes are amateurs playing for the love of the game. And just another indication of the corruption of American colleges and universities by big time sports.

  1. Has there been any greater lying than what is taking place with the CRS payments?

  1. The Kurdish people will once again be treated badly by the United States. The Kurds are in many ways a problem for the region but there is no doubt they have been instrumental in fighting ISIS. As a reward the current administration, like others before it will abandon them.

  1. Many people thought Brexit would destroy the EU. Now it looks like it will destroy the Conservative party in Britain. To the extent that this allows a socialist party like Labour to take over the British government this is not a good thing.

  1. Conservatives are outraged that some network comedy shows are anti-Trump. They think broadcasters should not take political sides, and say things like “Who do they think they are, Fox News?”

  1. Notice how quickly Puerto Rico has dropped from the news. Well they are Hispanic.

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