Thursday, October 19, 2017

General Kelly Allows the Death of His Son in Combat to Become a Political Talking Point for Trumpie

Gen. Kelly Joins Others Who Give Up All of Their Self-Respect

Update:  Gen. Kelly has just come out with a strong defense of Trump and his call to the family of a fallen soldier.  This is just sad, just terribly sad.  This man has let a disrespectful President use the death of General Kelly's son for political purposes and has dishonored himself.  It is hard to believe that the pursuit of influence in the White House would lead a man to humiliate himself in this way.

The General also talked about how women used to be 'sacred'.  Turn around General, look at the man you are currently defending and enabling

Anger evolves into sadness when people like Gen. John Kelly, current Chief of Staff in the White House so adore their political positions that they will accept any humiliation and any injection into their personal lives. General Kelly's son died in Afghanistan. It was a horrific loss, as horrific as every other loss of life by the military in a situation that is not tenable in the long run. General Kelly has kept this very private, as is his right.

But Trumpie, who cannot touch anything without it turning to shit, used Gen. Kelly's son to make a political point. To build himself up Trump constantly tears down Obama, and in this case his strategy was to claim that Obama had no outreach to the families of fallen soldiers. And so he invited reporters to talk to Gen. Kelly and ask him what Obama had done. Of course it turned out Obama had Gen. Kelly seated next to him at a memorial meeting for families who had lost sons and daughters and spouses.

For Gen. Kelly now is the time to show courage and leave Trump. For the nation it is just another reason to recognize what the nation has placed in its highest office. And we say 'what', not 'whom' deliberately.

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