Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Sen. Ted Cruz (R, Tx) Has a Great Plan to Confront North Korea

Put Their Name on a List – That Will Scare Them

The issue of how the United States and North Korea resolve the situation where it appears the leaders of both countries want military confrontation demand serious people with serious strategies. So here comes a blowhard Senator, Ted Cruz, to insert silliness into the debate. His solution to the problem,

On Oct. 31, the State Department faces a critical decision in our relations with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The Iran-Russia-North Korea sanctions bill enacted in August included legislation I introduced that requires the secretary of state to decide whether to relist North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism within 90 days.

Look at the accusations against Pyongyang: the unspeakable treatment of Otto Warmbier; the assassination of a member of the Kim family with chemical weapons on foreign soil; collusion with Iran to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles; cyberattacks on American film companies; support for Syria’s chemical weapons program; arms sales to Hezbollah and Hamas; and attempts to assassinate dissidents in exile. Given this, the decision should be easy. In fact, Americans could be forgiven for wondering why North Korea is not already designated as a sponsor of terrorism.

Senator Cruz always struck us as someone who is all hat and no cattle, a spiteful little man whose main action is to 'take names' and not do anything of substance. Exactly how listing North Korea as a terrorist nation, which it probably is, would resolve a potential nuclear war is not clear, because of course Teddy has no idea of how that would work.

 Hey Ted, when you have a good idea of how to prevent a war, get back to us.  Till then, try not to waste our time.

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