Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Paul Manafort Better Hope He Has Something on Trump and Russia

Otherwise He is Up That Famous Creek With No Paddle and No Boat

The indictment that came down against former Trump campaign Paul Manafort is so damning that it is easy to conclude that Paulie is looking at the rest of his life behind bars. His only out is if he has the goods on the Trump campaign which he can use to bargain.

Manafort says he has nothing. Of course, given his past record his word is about as good as Trump's. So if he has something now is the time to sing that song. Otherwise, bye, bye.

His attorney looks like a complete idiot.  The attorney spoke after the arraignment to say that Manafort's indictment showed there was not Trump collusion with Russia and strongly implied Manafort could not help Mueller with any of that.  Well that is totally inappropriate; the attorney is supposed to support his client, not shill for Trump. And if the message he is sending is that Montafort cannot help Mueller then he just doomed his client to years in prison.

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