Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Massachusetts Republican Senator Scott Brown Plays the “Whine” Card – the Media is Too Nice to His Opponent

Mr. Brown Forgets the Compliant Media He Had in His Election

The most difficult thing for all politicians, but Conservative idealogues in particular is to admit that maybe, just maybe, some of their radical ideas are not all that popular.  So when their appeal to the electorate goes down, it cannot be their fault, or the fault of their positions, it must be the media’s fault.  Richard Nixon made a career off of this strategy, Newt Gingrich is a modern master and now Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown takes up the mantle.

Mr. Brown was a surprise winner of the seat held by the last Edward Kennedy.  He election was largely the result of in inept Democratic opponent and a fawning media that cast Mr. Brown as some type of pickup truck driving macho hero. The portrait that was portrayed of Mr. Brown was he was a man of the people, but when in office whenever his vote was need to support anti-people legislation, it was there.

Now Mr. Brown is in a very tight race with Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren, and he complains about media coverage of Ms. Warren.

“It’s all fluff. It’s all fluff. Gimme a break,” said an exasperated Brown about the media’s coverage of Warren, a former Obama administration official. “I just think that if you’re going to find out where people stand, you gotta ask them tough questions like you guys ask me every single day. Every single day of my existence I get tough questions from you guys.”

The first term Senator also poor mouths his situation,

“She’s going to have every advantage. ... I don’t have a machine behind me like she will, and she does clearly,” Brown said. “It would help if you guys would ask her some tough questions, too, and ask her about how she would vote on things and why.

conveniently ignoring the fact that he has raised a gazillion dollars and will have massive Tea Party, Wall Street, Radical Conservative Group and other support that will far outgun Ms. Warren.  Anti-Warren ads have already been run by outside groups, who view Ms. Warren as political enemy Number 1 because she supports the people against the bail out hungry Wall Street firms.

The good news in all of this is that this type of talk is usually a sign of desperation.  The election will be close, but if Mr. Brown is already in whining phase then the signs are positive for Ms. Warren’s uphill campaign to unseat an incumbent.

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