Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Has Anyone Been Luckier in a Presidential Race than Mitt Romney –

The Breaks Just Keep Coming

The least surprise of any political race in the last, oh, 50 years was the victory of Mitt Romney in the New Hampshire primary.  Mr. Romney started campaigning in the state almost the day after the 2008 election.  Being a very wealthy person Mr. Romney bought a house in New Hampshire and claimed it as his home state, the same way he claims Massachusetts, Utah, California and Michigan (and any other state he needs).

But to listen to the reporting, Mr. Romney’s victory was a monumental event, and a big news story.  The reason for this is that the press has to have a story, even if they have to make one up, so the totally expected Romney victory has to be a news story, even though it isn’t one.  Of even greater luck for Mr. Romney, a miscount in Iowa gave him a “victory” and now the pundits can crow about how no one has ever won Iowa and New Hampshire (even though Mr. Romney did not win Iowa).

Look at the opposition Mr. Romney has.  Really, Ron Paul?  Newt Gingrich?  Rick Santorum?  And not only does he have inept opponents, these inept opponents are unintentionally aiding Mr. Romney’s chances in the general election.  Every time they state he is not a doctrinaire conservative they bring independent voters into the Romney camp.  And every time they state he is not an extremist like they want to be, they destroy a little bit of the Obama campaign strategy to paint Republicans in general and Mr. Romney in particular as not being in the main stream

So Mr. Romney’s opponents are doing his campaigning for him, his wealthy friends are doing his dirty work, the press is creating a story where there really is none and in the general election there will be at least a half billion of negative ads put on every conceivable media outlet by the professional Obama hating billionaires. 

Can it get any better for Mr. Lucky?

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