Tuesday, January 3, 2012

As Iowa Prepares to Caucus, A Summary of the Characteristics of the Republican Candidate

Why Would the Great People of Iowa Vote for Any Of Them?

The Iowa Caucuses will take place soon and for a few days the top candidates will bask in the glory, until the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries attract attention.  With the vote imminent, here is a capsule description of the candidates.

Mitt Romney:  Mr. Romney, in an attempt to prove his Conservative bona fides has said he would veto the Dream Act, a law that would allow men and women who were brought to this country at a very young age to stay here if they served in the armed forces.  Mr. Romney would wage war on children in his near decade long quest for the White House.  As a candidate Mr. Romney has abandoned every position he ever held that would put him into conflict with the Republican base.

Ron Paul:  A homophobic bigot, Mr. Paul would allow Israel to perish and did not support the hunting and killing of Osama bin Laden.  He would dismantle every single regulatory activity by government.

Rich Santorum:  A so-called Conservative, the centerpiece of his campaign is to deny rights to gay and lesbian citizens.  He would use the power of the Federal government to not only deny marriage to future same sex couples, but to also take away the marriage status of existing lawful unions.  He would persecute people who have done no harm to him or others or to themselves, simply because they do not behave according to his moral code.

Newt Gingrich:  A supposed man of big ideas, one of his biggest is that as President he would be free to disregard court decisions with which he disagreed.  One hopes that in the future he will run for Fearless Leader of North Korea, where his philosophy is main stream.

Rich Perry:  As Governor of Texas he reveled in executing criminals, and now wants to use the power of the Federal government to force women who were made pregnant because they were the victims of rape or incest to carry the baby to term rather than have an abortion.  This cruel and inhumane act would never affect Mr. Perry because of his gender.

Michele Bachmann:  Her false pronouncement that a cancer vaccine could cause mental retardation may well cause thousands of women to avoid the vaccine, thus dooming many women to a cancer that could have been avoided. 

If you look at the main complaints these people have against Mr. Obama, it is that he passed a health care law that requires every American to have health insurance, a reasonable position that until recently was supported by Mr. Romney and Mr. Gingrich.  He also took almost a year to stop the economy from losing hundreds of thousands of jobs each month, and since then the economy has created several million jobs.  He also wants to raises taxes on the very wealthy to pay for government operations.

There are plenty of reasons to be dissatisfied with Mr. Obama, but everyone would agree that he is a decent and caring person, something that cannot be said about any of the above. 

Iowans, your choice is easy in the Republican Caucuses, None of the Above.

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