Monday, September 19, 2011

The Office Hoodie

A Fashion Statement to Make With Business Casual And a Lot of Money

A sweatshirt with a hood is now a fashion item.  Not only is it a fashion item, it is something to wear to work.
Are you sure this is the
fashion statement you want to
make at the office?

The Want: A casual-Friday look that transcends dad jeans or khakis with a polo shirt and can easily transition from an afternoon sales meeting to an after-work rendezvous.

The Get: Zegna Sport’s navy hoodie. Designer sweats may seem an oxymoron, but this sweatshirt defies characterization. Zegna Sport pairs the tailored fit and details of Zegna’s traditional menswear with pure comfort in this cotton cashmere blend. The deep blue and contrast trim work well with navy trousers or dark denim. Throw it over a button-down as a casual interpretation of a blazer or over a T-shirt if you work at an Internet startup

Now The Dismal Political Economist is just as thrilled as anyone to be able to dress a little more casually these days.  He is not as thrilled about the cost.


He will say that this Hoodie can be a test.  Anyone who pays $495.00 for a sweatshirt with a hood fails the test of having sufficient intelligence to be an active citizen with respect to economic conditions and loses his or her right to complain about taxes, the economy, prices or any other economic issue for a period not less than 12 months.

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