Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Today’s Winner of the Mitt Romney Craven Coward Award

IBM – a Tech Giant Aspires to Grovel Like Mitt

In American for most citizens love of money trumps patriotism, idealism or principle.  And now that Donald Trump is about to be President all those citizens are flocking to embrace him.  Of course none will have the magic hypocrisy of Mitt Romney, a man willing to sell his very soul to be Secretary of State.  But many will try.

So today we  have the IBM Corporation looking to cement its greedy carcass into the bowel of the Trump Presidency.  IBM Head Ginni Rommety wrote Trump

In Rometty's letter to Trump, she had offered ways for IBM to work with the new administration, saying "I know that you are committed to help America’s economy grow in ways that are good for all its people." She spoke about scaling up vocational "new collar" IT jobs, working on infrastructure projects that incorporate technology and artificial intelligence, as well as healthcare, tax reform, and the use of IBM technology to improve care for veterans. "As you prepare to take office as our new president, I hope the ideas I have offered in this letter represent ways that we can work together to achieve prosperity that is broadly shared in our society," 


But there is a silver lining in this story.  One principled IBM employee quit because of this, and told her boss in no uncertain terms why.

Elizabeth Wood, until recently a senior content strategist at IBM, published an “open letter to my boss, IBM CEO Ms. Ginni Rometty” last week in which she said she resigned because she felt the letter, dated Nov. 14, "offered the backing of IBM’s global workforce in support of his agenda." Wood, 31, wrote that the tech giant's recruitment materials suggest "the future of the company hinges on realizing an inclusive and welcoming culture, though you do not communicate this vision" within the letter Rometty wrote to Trump. Wood wrote to Rometty that "the president-elect has demonstrated contempt for immigrants, veterans, people with disabilities, Black, Latinx, Jewish,
Muslim and LGBTQ communities. These groups comprise a growing portion of the company you lead."

Ms. Wood,  you are an American hero.  And Ms. Ginni Rommetty, you are the epitomy of a Mitt Romney craven coward.  Enjoy Ginni!

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