Friday, November 25, 2016

Donald Trump to Take Presidency Public with IPO

Amazing Just How Much Money Can Be Made From Public Office He Says

News That Hasn’t Happened, But Could

Nov. 25, 2016 Maro Largo (Rewters)   President elect Donald Trump said today that he would be engaging several investment firms to make a public offering of the Presidency so that, in his words “High net work people that love me can make the same millions I am going to make from being President”.  Although open to the public, the initial cost for shares in the Presidency would probably be about $10 million, making them accessible to only billionaires.  And would be investors would have to submit a signed affidavit stating that they thought Mr. Trump was a really good guy.

Trump said he got the idea after he realized that there were no ethics laws governing the Presidency and that there were tremendous opportunities.  Trump plans to refit his private aircraft to Air Force One standards and rent it to the government for $5 million a day.  He also said he would set up a reservations service in the White House so that foreign dignitaries could reserve rooms at a Trump hotel by paying a $1 million reservation fee, which he said was much cheaper for them.  By having the funds go to his foundation Mr. Trump will avoid income taxes on the fees.

Another inspiration for Trump was that he noticed how much money ex-Presidents (except for Harry Truman) made and mocked them on Twitter for waiting until after they left office to capitalize on their positions.  “Don’t they know the real value is when you are President” he told his son-in-law and soon to be Chief Bagman.  Trump referenced the empty rooms at the White House and noted that they could easily fetch $500,000 a night for insurance company lobbyists who would soon have a lot of money when Medicare became the property of the health insurance industry.

The Republican Party issued a statement saying this is just the sort of thing Democrats condemn because they are anti-business.   

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