Monday, April 16, 2018

This Explains a Lot

New York City’s Sewage Shipment Runs Afoul in Rural South

Alabamans want human-waste deliveries to local landfill to stop; ‘We didn’t produce it. We don’t want it here.’

From the WSJ. And no Alabama, despite the great target we are not going to make snarky comments on this. That would be just too easy.

Since the U. S Knew Syria Had Chemical Weapons

And since the U. S. knew where the chemical weapons were being made

And since the U. S. knew where the chemical weapons were being stored

Why didn't the U. S. destroy them before they were used to kill innocent civilians?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Actual Innocence Isn't Enough to Get Convicted Person Out of Jail

Fortunately, That's the Dissent

Want to know what's wrong with our criminal justice system?  This post from the Volkh Conspiracy is example enough.

  • "Low-IQ drifter confesses to killing two gay men three days apart in 1980. He's convicted of first murder, acquitted of the second. Decades later, DNA exculpates him of the second murder, but DNA from the first no longer exists. Fifth Circuit: New trial. Evidence of innocence, like a third party's fingerprints at the scene (which was withheld from the defense) and a detective's propensity for beating suspects, is ample. Dissent: A finding that a convict is actually innocent isn't enough to grant him relief; he still has to prove that his rights were violated and that deference to the state court is out of line." (ermphasis added)
In our system of justice innocence does matter. And oh yes, the suspect had an IQ of 59 and confessed to another murder that he did not do.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Trumpie Rails Against Proven Liars and Leakers

So he pardons one, Scooter Libby, a proven liar since 
he was convicted of that in a court of law.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Paul Ryan - No Longer to be Speaker, But Still a Liar

Everybody should remember how he said he was not quitting as Speaker before he
did quit as Speaker.

Finally, Even Republicans in Virginia Embrace Health Care for Low Income People

The Cruelty of Conservatives May Stop

Virginia is one of the Republican controlled states that refused to expand Medicaid. To even get Medicaid in the state residents had to be not just poor, but as poor as some of the weakest economies in the world.

Currently, Virginia has one of the most restrictive Medicaid programs. Childless adults are not eligible and working parents cannot exceed an income of 30 percent of the federal poverty level, or $5,727.

But reality, read elections, are changing things.

Elections have consequences, goes the old saw, and in Virginia a Democratic wave in November remade the political landscape on one of the state’s longest-running and most contentious issues: whether to expand Medicaid to 400,000 low-income residents.

Republicans lost 15 seats in the House of Delegates and, left clinging to a bare majority, did an about-face on Medicaid expansion — an issue that to many had smacked of “Obamacare.” But Republicans in the State Senate, who had not faced voters, blocked expansion last month, and lawmakers failed to pass a state budget because of the issue.

Now, as Gov. Ralph Northam orders the House and Senate back to the capital on Wednesday for a special session to fix the problems, what remains of Republican opposition to expansion appears to be cracking.

Two Republican state senators said this week they would accept some form of broader Medicaid benefits, as provided under the Affordable Care Act — enough votes to carry the day on an issue that is widely popular in state polls.

And the Republicans who are changing are learning first hand how vicious conservatives can be.

Mr. Kilgore’s district in southwest Virginia is one of the poorest in the state, where each July thousands of people visit a free pop-up clinic at a county fairground.

Delegate Chris Peace, another Republican who favored expansion in the House, said he had changed his position in part because in his family law practice, he had come to see the dire effects that a lack of health care had on low-income families.

He called the House bill that includes work requirements “the epitome of the Republican conservative mantra of a hand up, not a handout.”

Ahead of the special session, activists from the conservative group Americans for Prosperity have demonstrated outside Mr. Peace’s office in Mechanicsville, trying to pressure him to change his mind.

He dismissed them as remnants of the Tea Party movement straining to remain relevant. “Half are 60-plus gray-haired white men who hate Obama,” he said.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Defficit Hawk Paul Ryan Leaves a Legacy

Trillion Dollar Deficits 

When the tough gets going, the tough stay and fight.  Ryan cuts and runs.

Missouri Republican Gov. Charged with Felony in Sex Scandal

Still Has Support of 55% of GOP Voters

Another nail in the coffin of Republican ethics is happening in Missouri where the recently elected governor is charge with a felony for threatening his girl friend. Of course he was married at the time, he is a liar and a cheater.

But the not so amazing thing is that his support among the GOP is still fairly solid.

Greitens’ job approval ratings have tumbled since his personal foibles were exposed. But they haven’t collapsed irreparably, some Republican insiders say. In an early March survey, 34 percent of Missouri voters gave Greitens positive marks; among Republicans, that number was nearly 55 percent.

Yes these are the same people who thought Bill Clinton was the devil incarnate for his actions. But then Bill didn't cut taxes for billionaires, so we guess he deserved it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

House Speaker Paul Ryan - Quitter In Chief

Turns Tail and Runs

A Big Win for the American People

The news that Paul Ryan in the not to distant future will no longer be Speaker of the House of Representatives is just great news for the people who believe government serves everyone and not just the rich and powerful.  A possible Democratic takeover of the House seems to be what pushed Paulie out.

Ryan leaves a lot of unfinished business.  He has not yet ruined health care.  People, particularly children still get nutrition assistance when they need it.  A woman's body is still in her control, not the government's.  Social Security lives.

All American should celebrate Ryan's departure.  Just so sad it took so long.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

GOP To Chase Their Dream – Make Low Income People Go Hungry

Take Away Their Food – Take Away Their Dignity

Republicans never tire of trying to use the money from cutting benefits to low income to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. Well they got the tax cuts for the money bags, now they just need to cut nutrition assistance, and they are off to the races.

WASHINGTON—House Speaker Paul Ryan’s long-sought goal of overhauling welfare programs will get a kick-start when Congress returns to Washington this week, as Republicans prepare to release a new, five-year farm bill that would impose tougher work requirements to get food stamps.

It remains to be seen if this is just a symbolic middle finger to people struggling to put food on the table, or real policy. Either way, cutting nutrition assistance to families who need it defines the Republican Party of Donnie Trumpie.

Monday, April 9, 2018

Kentucky Leads the Nation - Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, Tax Increases for Everyone Else

That's What Conservatives Believe

Republicans have long argued that they support working men and women.  They have long lied about this.  Now in Kentucky the truth is out.

Here's the headline

Kentucky legislators send tax cuts for wealthy, tax hikes for the other 95 percent to governor’s desk

See, other rabid Republican states like Kansas passed big tax cuts for the high income folks and experience huge revenue losses. Kentucky wanted to avoid that. Of course the easy way to avoid that would be to not cut taxes for the wealthy. But Kentucky has a better way, raise taxes on everyone else.

Pat Robertson is Batshit Crazy


Political Wire

Robertson Says He’s Being Dominated By Homosexuals

Pat Robertson said on The 700 Club that homosexuals are drowning out voices like his.
Said Robertson: “We have given the ground to a small minority. You figure, lesbians, one percent of the population; homosexuals, two percent of the population. That’s all. That’s statistically all. But they have dominated — dominated the media, they’ve dominated the cultural shift and they have infiltrated the major universities.”
He added: “It’s just unbelievable what’s being done. A tiny, tiny minority makes a huge difference. The majority — it’s time it wakes up.”

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Remember When Donnie Was Going to Produce Better Relations with Russia?

How's That Working Out?

The response of Trumpie to criticism that he like and loved Putin has been that he will develop a good rapport with Russia and will lead to a glorious era of cooperation with Russia and and end to animosity. Things have not turned out that way, have they?

Russia's ambassador to the United States has told the "Today" show that he can't remember a period of worse relations between Washington and Moscow, after both countries expelled dozens of diplomats following the poisoning of a former Russian spy.

So Donnie, the strategy of sucking up to Putin, it ain't working. As with most things, you are making it worse.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

No Wisconsin Anti-democratic Republican Governor – You Cannot Cancel Elections

Just Because You Think You Will Lose

One of the great myths is that conservatives believe in democracy. Their massive effort to keep people from voting, that is, people they don't think will vote for them is well documented. In Wisconsin the Republican governor decided not to hold elections for vacant state legislature seats because he was sure they would lose to Democrats. A court has said nope, no deal.

A judge ruled Thursday that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) must “promptly” hold special elections for two vacant seats in the state legislature — elections that he refused to call because he was afraid his party would lose.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Dane County Circuit Judge Josann Reynolds ruled that state law requires Walker, a two-term governor and former presidential candidate, to hold the elections in order to give residents of the two districts representation in the state legislature. The seats have been vacant since December, when Walker appointed the two representatives to serve in his administration.

“To state the obvious, if the plaintiffs have a right to vote for their representatives, they must have an election to do so,” said Reynolds, who Walker appointed to the court in 2014.

Yep, democracy kills, ultra partisan conservatives that is.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Sure Scott Pruitt's $50 a Night Condo Cost is Market for D. C.

A Rate Available to Everyone

The current EPA Administrator got to rent a condo from a lobbyist's wife for $50.00 a night in Washington. The claim of course is 'nothing to see here, that's the going rate'. Actually that's the going rate at the Fleabag Inn in Butcreek, Georgia. The cost in D. C., a little bit more.

Holiday Inn Washington DC-Central/White House
1501 Rhode Island Ave NW, Washington, DC

Check in Mon, Apr 9Check out Tue, Apr 10
Holiday Inn Washington DC-Central/White House
Total: $259/night

Standard room - Book early and save
2 guests
Total: $259/night

2 full beds nonsmoking - Book early and save

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Patient Doesn't Have $6,500 Cash to Pay for Prescription

Too Bad, Just Die

The prescription drug pricing crisis in the U. S. is not getting the attention it needs, and certainly getting nothing from Trumper who promised to do something about it. Here is one dire situation from the WSJ.

Killgore, who was born with hemophilia, knew that clotting factor would help stop the bleeding and pain. He had previously used a co-pay coupon provided by the factor’s manufacturer to afford the prescription, but it wasn’t working this time.
To get his life-sustaining medication, Killgore needed to pay his $6,500 health insurance deductible in full, the pharmacy told him.

It was money Killgore and his wife, Lauren, already grappling with hundreds of thousands of dollars in student and medical debt, just didn’t have.
Lauren asked a customer service representative about a payment plan, and was advised to borrow money from family or take it out in credit cards.

Killgore ended up being hospitalized and needing surgery, something that taking the factor would have completely avoided.

How does this happen to a person with insurance? Oh, high deductibles that must be paid before any insurance kicks in. This is the junk insuranace type Republicans want to replace ACA. After all, shouldn't everyone have that experience?

Smackdown – Wisconsin Gov Has to Call Special Elections

Democracy Wins – Conservatives Lose

One way to prevent a party from losing an election is not to have the election in the first place. In Wisconsin after Republicans started losing special elections the Republicans reacted by cancelling elections. A court set them right.

MADISON - After a three-month delay, a lightning-quick lawsuit and three orders from as many judges, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker called two special elections Thursday and GOP senators dropped legislation to block the contests.
Republican efforts collapsed following a Wednesday ruling by an appellate judge ordering the governor to call the May primary and June general elections. In less than a day, Walker abandoned a state Supreme Court appeal to overturn the ruling and lawmakers in both the Senate and Assembly canceled plans to vote to leave the seats vacant.

Nice going Democracy!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Wisconsin Judicial Race Says People Don't Like NRA, Trump

Hey Conservatives, Are You Getting the Message?

A race for a seat on the Supreme Court in Wisconsin normally is not news outside of Kenosha.  But yesterday it was news, as reported by the Washington Post.


Democrat wins a bitter, costly race for 

Wisconsin Supreme Court

Both candidates and their supporters turned the race, which is technically nonpartisan, into a political referendum. Dallet ran early ads that accused President Trump of “attack[ing] our civil rights and our values,” while Screnock portrayed himself as a “rule of law” conservative endorsed by the National Rifle Association. By election day, more than $2.5 million had been spent on TV ads.
With 88 percent of the precincts reporting, Dallet had 56 percent of the vote and Screnock had 44 percent.

Wow, Wisconsin which has turned slightly Republican decisively went against the NRA and conservatives. Big news people.

Just In - Photo of Enemy Migrants Trumpie Wants to Send Military After

Don't Be Fooled - This is a combat ready child

From the WaPo

A girl lies awake as migrants traveling with the annual “Stations of the Cross” caravan sleep at a sports club in Oaxaca State. (AP)

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Trump and Treasury Sec Try and Fail to Explain Their Ignorance of the Constitution

Just Another Day in Trump World

When the acting President and his chief economic flunky the Secretary of the Treasury called for the line item veto, they had to be corrected by Fox News of all people.

"On “Fox News Sunday,” Mnuchin was tasked with defending the president’s signing Friday of a $1.3 trillion spending bill, to the scorn of many on the far right. Asked by host Chris Wallace what the president would do if congressional Republicans sent Trump another spending bill of this size later this year, Mnuchin repeated a suggestion that President Trump made Friday: Congress should give him the power of “line-item veto,” i.e. the ability to veto portions of the bill without vetoing the whole.
The problem? As Wallace pointed out, “that’s been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, sir.”

That the President is an ignoramus is not news. That his Secretary of the Treasury is one is not news. That Fox News would be the revealer of truth is.

"Wallace is correct: The Supreme Court ruled the line-item veto unconstitutional in 1998. But instead of conceding his mistake, Mnuchin dug himself in deeper: “Well, again, Congress could pass a rule, okay, that allows them to do it.” When Wallace pointed out that “No, no, sir, it would be a constitutional amendment,” Mnuchin stammered, “Chris, we don’t need to get into a debate in terms of — there’s different ways of doing this” and moved on."