Friday, October 14, 2011

It’s Official! Despite Polls That Show Herman Cain Ahead, Mitt Romney is Now the Front Runner in the Race for the Republican Presidential Nomination

In Second PlaceIs . . . (the Empty Chair)

Mr. Romney Explains Things to the Lesser
Candidates and an Empty Chair

Following the Tuesday night debate in New Hampshire among the aspirants for the nomination of the Republican party for President in 2012 Mitt Romney was anointed front runner status.  It was not only Mr. Romney’s performance in the debate that secured his front runner status, it was also the growing realization among Republicans and observers that other than Mr. Romney, none of the other candidates were even close to being ready to take on a Presidential campaign.

The Washington Post had a number of stories confirming the overwhelming victory of Mr. Romney in the debates.

Not even close: Romney crushes the field

Ms. Rubin is one of the multitude of Conservatives writing commentary for the Post and had this to say

Certainly, Mitt Romney has to be very pleased. He was smooth as silk, deflecting a question on RomneyCare, explaining the problems of community banks, and driving home the key message: He is the only candidate ready for prime time.

And this from neutral observer Dan Balz

Mitt Romney prospers in Republican debate

It was Mitt Romney who prospered most. The former Massachusetts governor took advantage of a debate focused solely on the economy and a format that kept him in the thick of the discussion to deliver another crisp performance. He countered when others attacked, particularly when Perry went after him for his health-care plan in Massachusetts. The longer the debate went on, the more it favored him.

The rest of the press reports echoed the same themes.  If it were a sporting contest, the refs would have ended it, citing the “mercy rule”.

Can Mr. Romney still lose the nomination?  Absolutely, but the path to a loss is not clear.  The answer to that question is the same answer The Dismal Political Economist received when he called his broker to sell his General Motors stock just before the company went bankrupt several years ago. 

That answer:  “Really, to whom?”

One reason for Mr. Romney’s success, other than the clear ineptitude of his opponents, is this.  Mr. Romney has a single core commitment, one that is unwavering and overrides any other consideration or position.  It is this: 

Mitt Romney believes that above anything and everything else, Mr. Romney should be President of the United States and that he can, will and should do anything and everything to achieve that. 

Any other values or beliefs that conflict with this core commitment by Mr. Romney are to be jettisoned.  Mr. Romney has had this unshakeable position for probably for 20 years or more. 

His life for two decades has been devoted to this one cause. It is his “raison d’être”, although in his world of American Exceptionalism he would probably demand an apology for the use of French.  For the “No Apology” Mr. Romney that is more insulting than treating his Mormon religion with hatred and bigotry as some others have done.

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