Saturday, December 31, 2016

Brain Dead and On Life Support, Mideast Peace Process Now Officially Dead

Some Serious Stuff

In recent years Israel has faced two futures.  One future is the ultimate settlement of the conflict it has with Arabs and Palestinians, with the creation of a peaceful Palestinian state and a de-militarized Jerusalem.  The second future is unending war with its neighbors leading to, well other than death and destruction inside and outside of Israel, nobody knows.  Israel chose decades ago and now that choice has become carved in stone.

Using the excuse that the Arabs are not willing to recognize Israel and make peace with it, which they are not and have never been (but that is not to say that someday they might) Israel has decided that it will continue to build settlements in the West Bank to such an extent that a peaceful solution to its unending war with Palestine can never happen.  The nation had two choices, negotiate a settlement when the leaders of the Arab  world became ready to reach a settlement or expand itself to ultimately take over the West Bank and the entire city of Jerusalem.  It has now chosen the latter.  Israel is moving irrevocably towads furure war.

Israel has steadily moved towards the position of settlements and permanent war, albeit a war that will take breaks every now and then.  The Obama administration realizes this and hence its last gasp effort to move Israel towards a settlement.  That effort has failed, the new administration will support Israel's expansion, and terrorism and bombings will start up again as Arab frustration boils over and the future is bleak.  Jews will once again die, both inside and outside of Israel.  The march of folly continues.

Happy New Year everyone.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Trump to Expand Nuclear Arsenal to Be Able to Kill Every Person on Earth 20 Times Over

Image result for images of atomic bombWell as long as it doesn't affect Trump Hotels, who cares?
Today in Insane but True (well sort of)

One of the few bi-partisan areas of agreement in U. S. policy is that nuclear weapons should be decreased not increased.  Both the U. S. and Russia have enough nukes to kill everything on earth (well maybe not cockroaches and that thing on Trump's head).  But aparently that is not enough for an ignorant President elect, who wants to build more nukes and engage in an arms race.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — President-elect Donald J. Trump said on Thursday that the United States should greatly “expand its nuclear capability,” appearing to suggest an end to decades of efforts by presidents of both parties to reduce the role of nuclear weapons in American defenses and strategy.

Part of the motivation here is to replace older nuclear weapons.  Now we have no idea what happens to nuclear weapons over time, but do not think they lose their potency.  And once you can kill everything 2 or 3 times exactly what is the motivation to up that number?  But remember everyone, we are dealing with policy ignorance at a level never seen before, so expect insanity.

Tiger Woods Golfs with Donny Trump - Tiger Caddies and Gets Tips on Cheating on Women

Ok, Maybe Not Caddying But Definitely Inside Info on the Cheating Thing

Two of the most famous "cheat on your wife" personalities  teamed up for a game of golf.

The former World No. 1 and 14-time major champion will tee it up with Donald Trump on Friday at the president-elect's Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Fla., according to pool reports.

Now it is entirely possible that Trumper just handed his clubs to Tiger, after all his only contact with the non-white world is in the caddy or servant category.  But let's hope he didn't.

Of course both of these men are famous for betraying their respective spouses, so they had a lot to talk about.  And don't worry Tiger, as long as you don't try to vote you will be fine in Donald's world.  And yes it will helpl if you shine his shoes.

Donnie and Tiger comparing notes on how to sleep with someone other than your spouse

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Alcoholic Bervage Industry Funding Govt Study on Benefits of Drinking

Today's Installment of Insane but True

Here's a picture of how alcohol is killing.

And here's what the National Institutes of Health is doing about it.  Yeah, and this is even before the "Govenment is here to serve business" group takes over.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, a division of the National Institutes of Health, is overseeing a new $100 million study, largely funded by the alcohol industry, that seeks to test the possible health benefits of moderate drinking.

Kellyanne Conway to Serve in White House - To Serve Coffee That Is

And Other Snarky, Impolite Comments on the News

Ms Conway has been "rewarded" with an office in the White House.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Kellyanne Conway, the Republican pollster and strategist who helped guide Donald J. Trump to victory in November, on Thursday was appointed counselor to the president, becoming the highest-ranking woman at the White House and one of his principal messengers to the public.

Ms. Conway will also be the lowest ranking woman in the White House, because there ain't gonna be any more.  It was not reported that Conway was practicing her lines for her new job, lines like "Do you want fries with that?"

Trump's Big Beautiful Wall Becoming a Small, Ugly Fence

Reality is setting in on the incoming Trump administration as they realize a wall is just not possible.  As for paying for it, well just put it on the credit card.

In an interview, Representative Henry Cuellar, whose district includes a 200-mile stretch of border and reaches 150 miles north, to San Antonio, said that the chief patrol agents from two border sectors in the state had contacted him last week. They said they were doing so at the request of the incoming administration, Mr. Cuellar said, and solicited his ideas for where such a wall, or a fence, should be built. . . . . .
According to Mr. Cuellar, the agents said they had argued against the transition team’s request, and shared his view that it would be impossible to wall or fence off Laredo, a city of 255,000 and the busiest inland port on the American side of the border. They said the transition team had insisted.
Okay, so maybe reality is not there yet.
Finally, some stories just write themselve.  And all those chumps who voted for Trump to bring back American jobs, we that's why you are called chumps.

Trump vineyard seeks Labor Department approval to hire foreign workers

Eric Trump, in the vineyard at Trump Winery on July 20, 2011. The vineyard is seeking special foreign worker visas from the U.S. Department of Labor, a move which experts say creates a clear ethics conflict. (Jack Looney).

 Nothing to see here folks, just another rich kid outstanding in his field.

Trump Vineyard Estates LLC filed a request Dec. 2 with the Labor Department for six H2 visas, which permit U.S. employers to hire foreigners for seasonal jobs such as pruning grapevines, which is what the request said. The request was posted online by the Labor Department on Wednesday and first reported by BuzzFeed News.
The workers are needed to prune the vines on the estate, the Labor application said, and they would be paid $10.72 per hour for a 40-hour, six-day week. The jobs are anticipated to last from January to June.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Trump is Picking Appointees Based on Looks - WaPo Confirms

It's What We Always Suspected

In business and academia, looks matter.  Business picks senior management primarily based on looks, doe the candidate look like a CEO?  Does he (yes it's almost always a he) executive hair?  In academia the problem is even worse.  A college President is selected primarily on the basis of does he (yes it's almost always a he) look like a college President.

It is this reason that colleges are so poorly managed.  Promoting on looks rather than ability is a recipe for disaster.  So colleges are among the worst managed institutions not just in the United States, but in the entire world.  Bloated costs, lower quality of education, rising costs, yep that's America's colleges in the 21st century.

So it is no surprise that the most shallow President ever elected is relying primarily on looks to choose his cabinet and other critical posts.

Image result for image of warren harding
Best Looking and Worst President

"Presentation is very important because you’re representing America not only on the national stage but also the international stage, depending on the position,” said Trump transition spokesman Jason Miller.
To lead the Pentagon, Trump chose a rugged combat general, whom he compares to a historic one. At the United Nations, his ambassador will be a poised and elegant Indian American with a compelling immigrant backstory. As secretary of state, Trump tapped a neophyte to international diplomacy, but one whose silvery hair and boardroom bearing project authority."
Of course, this is somewhat of a surprise because Trump himself is the least looking President elect ever.  Of course, that pales by the fact that he is the least qualified President elect ever.  But one thing is certain, given the criteria that Trump is using disaster is just around the corner; no not prosperity, disaster. Mike Pence, whose looks were a big factor in his selection as VP was a disaster in Indiana, probably headed for electoral defeat until his silver hair won him the booby prize as VP elect.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Aided by Democratic Senators Republicans Want to Pay Utilities to Burn Coal

Our New Feature:  INSANE BUT TRUE

The entire world except for the anti-improve-the-environment morons that make up most of the Republican Party recognize that using coal to generate electricity is a bad thing.  Horrific pollution occurs when the stuff is mined and greenhouse gases are emitted when the stuff is transported and all sorts of bad gases are exhausted when it is burned to create electricity and finally it is a dangerout residue when coal ash is stored.  The only people to support increasing its usage are craven politicians trying to suck up to coal country votes.

Now a report in the WSJ says that, and this is almost impossible to believe, that Democratic Senators from North Dakota and Rhode Island are sponsoring legislation to pay companies to use coal.

What Some Democratic Senators Want to Bring to Your Neighborhood
Buoyed by Mr. Trump’s enthusiasm for the U.S. coal industry, several congressional proposals seek to boost tax breaks for facilities that can capture carbon dioxide, a dangerous greenhouse gas that is a byproduct of fossil-fuel combustion, and offer it to the oil industry for injection underground to stimulate production. The biggest winner—at least initially—could be Southern Co.’s Kemper County, Miss., power plant, a facility designed to capture about 65% of its carbon-dioxide emissions and sell it to oil companies, which use it to help extract crude from wells.

Wow, 65% or as realists put it, letting 35% of carbon emission into the air.  How much could the Kemper plant get?

Atlanta-based Southern owns Mississippi Power Co., which is building the clean-coal project, and stands to reap a windfall of between $695 million and $4.5 billion if any number of legislative measures get passed, according to a calculation by Friends of the Earth.
Wow, they are going to have take away health care from a lot of poor people to pay for that.  And look who is in the big gas hog SUV with the polluter lobby.

The bill supported by Sens. Heitkamp and Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat from Rhode Island, would triple the current tax credit of $10 a ton of carbon emissions captured and used in enhanced oil recovery to $35 a ton for the first 12 years a plant operates. 

Now the last we look Rhode Island did not have a single coal mine, so exactly why its Senator is on board here is a mystery.  But if one looks hard one can probably find a reason, and it's better than even money that money is involved.  Or maybe the Senator just feels that a legacy of pollution and global warming is what he is all about.

North Carolina Republican State Sen. Brent Jackson Gets $5 million Allocated for Farms - Then He Wants About $1 milliuon of It

Just Another Illustration of How Republicans Work the System

One difference between Democrats and Republicans is that most Dems want to get into public office to govern, to make a difference, to help people.  Most GOPers want to just use government to impose their life choices and religion on the electorate, and to make a buck.

Illustrating this is a North Carolina State Senator who pushed through a bill to provide $5 million in funding for farms.  Oh, and of course he was in line for about $1 million of that.

crook: Gangster Beer Graphics Logo
Not NC State Senator Jackson, Just Looks Like Him

This summer, state Sen. Brent Jackson pushed a law through the legislature that made it easier for farms to win state grants to help cover the cost of obtaining natural gas or propane.
What Jackson didn’t tell his colleagues on the Senate floor was that his farm had previously filed a $925,000 grant application with the state agency that approves the grants. He says that’s because he didn’t realize it was still under consideration.
The bill sailed through the General Assembly, and the state agency that makes the decision on the grant for Jackson Farms says it could still be approved. The money would come from a $5 million economic development fund Jackson set up in 2013 legislation that created the natural gas subsidies.

But wait, he has an explanation.

Jackson now says he never intended to keep the money – and would refuse it if it were awarded. He said he had heard from other farmers who were having a hard time getting a grant and was testing the process.

But he does say one thing we agree with.

“Well, you probably are not going to believe this, but I wanted to see if the program would work,” Jackson said in an interview Monday.

Yep, we sure don't believe you. You just got caught, otherwise $925k is in your pocket.

Read more here:

Read more here:

Read more here:

Monday, December 26, 2016

Texas to Deny 11,000 Low Income Women Much Needed Healthcare – Decides to Defund a Planned Parenthood Clinic

 They are Poor Women, Probably Mostly Minorities, Who Gives a Damn – A Texas Official Did Not Say

To Texas Republicans This Building Does the Unthinkable - Provides Healthcare to Low Income Women

Under the GOP the War on Poverty is transformed into a War on the Poor.  They bitterly opposed expansion of Medicaid to low income families, and have tried for years to shut off health services for women because, you know, they’re women.  Now they may have succeeded in getting 11,000 low income women out of the health care system.

In a critical step in a longstanding fight, Texas formally said on Tuesday that it was ending Medicaid funding of Planned Parenthood, a move the group said could affect 11,000 patients.
The office of inspector general for the Texas Health and Human Services Commission issued a final notice terminating Planned Parenthood’s enrollment in the state-funded health care system for the poor. If it is not stopped, the termination will be effective in 30 days.

The motivation here as stated is to punish Planned Parenthood allowing women access to family planning, including abortion, which inconveniently is legal in the United States.  But the real animus is towards the low income, the disabled,  the handicapped and in particular women.  In the eyes of conservatives they just don’t deserve health care.

Wall Street Journal Agrees to Blame Obama and Democrats for Trump Failures Through 2020 – “Well We Certainly Can’t Blame Republicans and Trump Can We?”

Supply of Outrage at Democrats to be Renewed

News That Did Not Happen

The editors of the Wall Street Journal today announced that even though President Obama is leaving office in late January and even though Democrats have absolutely no roll in the operation and policy of the government the Journal would still hold them accountable at least through the 2020 election.  “Every bad thing that has ever happened has been the fault of Obama and the Dems” said a WSJ editorial, and “to let them off the hook just because they have left office would be unfair to Trump and the Republicans.”

The WSJ explained that their editorial policy, which sometimes influences their news reporting when they can get away with it, is that facts and circumstances do not matter.  They said that even when Trump makes colossal mistakes they would still point their lily white finger at Sen. Schumer because, in their words “Who is going to believe that Trump would do something ignorant and stupid”. 

One problem for the Journal and other rabid right wing media is that without the Democrats in office they were running out of their supply of outrage.  Worried about being able to foam at the mouth the WSJ disclosed that it has rented a large warehouse and ordered a multi year supply of outrage and indignation.  The material was custom made for the Journal to include only outrage at Democrats and special filters will eliminate any disgust at Republican actions.  “The purity of our prejudices and biases against D and D (Democrats and Decency) will be preserved” a senior editor was quoted saying.

Unnamed sources reported that Fox News was looking into a similar strategy.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Republican House Leadership Ecstatic and Giddy Over Taking Health Insurance Away From 20 Million People

We Just Can’t Wait They Exclaim

Editor's Note:  This just in for your holiday cheer

An interview that hasn’t happened

With the new Congress set to convene The Dismal Political Economist did no sit down with the House GOP Leaders to discuss their repeal of ACA.  Here is what they did not say, but probably would have.

DPE:  So how soon will you get 20 million people out of the health care system?

GOP House Leaders:  Well we will repeal the law on January 3, but we won’t really repeal the law on January 3.  See that’s just what everyone thinks we will do.  So we will repeal it but not repeal it.

DPE:  I am confused.  Will you kick 20 million people out of health care on January 3 or not?

GOP House Leaders:  Oh no, we want to savor every last one of them losing health care.  We do it all at once it would be a great high, but then it would be over.  We think we can extend the misery over months, maybe over years.

DPE:  What’s your new plan look like?

GOP House Leaders:  It’s called Access! Yes, exclamation point.  Access!  It means that everyone will have access to health care, that’s everyone.  As long as you have the cost of a doctor’s visit or hospital stay you, your family and everyone you know can get health care. 

DPE:  But suppose they don’t have insurance and don’t have money for the services?

GOP House Leaders:  Well then they don’t get health care, do they.  We ain’t running a charity here.  This is big business.  In every other aspect of life you don’t have the funds, you don’t get the goods.  We are just trying to bring health care in line with the rest of the way the economy works.  It’s not like health care is a life and death situation.

DPE:  Uh, actually it is.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Yep Just As Soon as They Figure Out What It Is

New Nonprofit Aims to Bolster Trump in Fights With Both Parties

Great America Alliance ‘will aggressively promote Trump’s agenda and help make sure the promises made to the American people during the campaign are kept by Congress’

From the WSJ who should know better but don't

Federal Govenment and Taxpayers Fund Drug Research - Drug Companies to Get Billions in Profits

Want to be Really Sick - Read This

One of the excuses that drug companies have for charging outrageous prices is that they need to recoup the cost of developing new drugs.  This, like many of the statements of the powerful and greedy turns out not to be true in some circumstances.  It seems the federal government and taxpayers are paying for the research but not getting a return on their money.

Why are these men smiling?  Well wouldn't you if  you got
the taxpayers to pay for the research that gives you billions?

Enthusiasm for cancer immunotherapy is soaring, and so is Arie Belldegrun’s fortune.
Dr. Belldegrun, a physician, co-founded Kite Pharma, a company that could be the first to market next year with a highly anticipated new immunotherapy treatment. But even without a product, Dr. Belldegrun has struck gold.
His stock in Kite is worth about $170 million. Investors have profited along with him, as the company’s share price has soared to about $50 from an initial price of $17 in 2014.
The results reflect widespread excitement over immunotherapy, which harnesses the body’s immune system to attack cancer and has rescued some patients from near-certain death. But they also speak volumes about the value of Kite’s main scientific partner: the United States government.
Kite’s treatment, a form of immunotherapy called CAR-T, was initially developed by a team of researchers at the National Cancer Institute, led by a longtime friend and mentor of Dr. Belldegrun. Now Kite pays several million a year to the government to support continuing research dedicated to the company’s efforts.

Okay, the company is paying several million a year to help fund the research  What do they get?  Oh, they get tons of money.   Yeah, $200k for treatment.  It's like a goldmine.  the drug companies get thegold, the taxpayer get the shaft.

The company's excuse, they need taxpayer help to develop the drugs.  Okay, in capitalism the folks that put up the money get the returns.  Except in America, where capitalism means drug companies get the returns, just not the risks.

Kite is one of a growing number of drug and biotech companies relying on federal laboratories. Analysts expect the company to charge at least $200,000 for the new treatment, which is intended as a one-time therapy for patients.
While the law allows the government to demand drug-price concessions from its private-sector partners, the government has declined to do so with Kite and generally disdains the practice.

Trump Rejects Climate Change, but Mar-a-Lago Could Be Lost to the Sea

Does It Get Any Better Than This?

From Businessweek

"Donald Trump shelled out $409,759 for property taxes in 2016 on Mar-a-Lago, his oceanfront club above billionaire’s row in Palm Beach, Fla. Some of those tax dollars will go toward combating the ravages of climate change, a phenomenon the president-elect has dismissed as a hoax. Trump tweeted in 2012 that “the concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese” to make U.S. industry less competitive. In early December he told Fox News that “nobody really knows” whether climate change is real. He’s picked Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a staunch denier of climate change, to run the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency."

Friday, December 23, 2016

Passenger Rightly Kicked Off Flight for Harrassing Ivanka Trump and Family - But What the Hell Were They Doing On a Commercial Flight?

Just Because You Can Do a Stupid Stunt Doesn't Mean You Should

For reasons beyond understanding the Ivanka Trump family boarded a commercial flight.  Presumably these gilded multi-millionaires just wanted to show that they are like the common people.  Of course what they showed was that they have contempt for working people.  Condescension was in the air.

As might be expected some boorish ass confronted them, and was rightfully kicked off the flight.

Ivanka Trump, her husband, Jared Kushner, and their three young children were confronted on a JetBlue flight by a hostile passenger who was subsequently kicked off the plane Thursday for causing "conflict."
Trump, 35, the eldest of President-elect Trump's five children, was preparing to travel on a JetBlue flight out of New York's JFK International Airport when a male passenger berated her, demanding to know why she was on the flight and, according to TMZ, telling her, “Your father is ruining the country!

But of course it was incredibly risky for the family to be on the flight. They exposed themselves and their children to possible harm.  But then for Trump's and Kushner's nothing stands in the way of their public posturing, not even the safety of their kids.

NC Gov. Pat McCrory Could Have Left Office On a High Note

But He Slinks Out of Raleigh to Find His Way Back Under The Rock

Special Session
True Patriots - North Carolians Protesting Stalin Like General Assemby

Much has been made about the Republican legislature in North Carolina.  After Republicans lost the Governorship to the Democrats because of a vicous nasty bill attacking the gay community and transgender people, the Republicans passed laws removing much of the power of the incoming Democrat.  This anti-democratic use of political power has been harshly condemned, although that didn't phase the GOP who have gerrymandered themselves into safe seats.

The bills went to outgoing Gov. Pat McCrory who could have distinguished himself by vetoing the bills.  Had he done so they still would have been enacted by the veto proof legislature, but he would have regained some of his dignity and respect.  Instead the governor signed the legislation, thus cementing his reputation as not just a small, narrow minded political hack, but one who also has no respect for democracy, elections and the voters.  In short, a Trump appointee-to-be.

Good riddance to this petty little sore loser.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Again to Trump - You Are Not Yet President - So Shut Up

Just Shut the Hell Up

It has been the tradition in the United States to have one President at a time.  And that President, not anyone else, not the President elect sets U. S.  foreign policy.  But like everything else, Donald Duck does not understand these things, he thinks he is already President.

President-elect Donald Trump warned the Obama administration Thursday against a possible abstention in a key U.N. Security Council vote that would declare illegal all Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory in the West Bank and the mostly Arab East Jerusalem.
The resolution, initially scheduled for a Thursday vote, urges Israelis and Palestinians to commit to negotiations toward a two-state solution — a possible centerpiece for now-stalled peace efforts.

No Donald, you don't warn anyone.  You just shut up and hope that once you are in power you do not do anything stupid.  So far, everyone is pretty much thinking you will do something stupid, but wait at least.  And maybe, just maybe you will get some respect, unlike what you have given.

You Can't Fix Stupid - Ron White; and You Can't Fix the Stupid Republican Voter

From Taegan Goddard

Most Republicans Think Trump Won Popular Vote

A new Qualtrics survey shows a large fraction of Republicans — 52% — said Trump won the popular vote, compared with only 7% of Democrats and 24% of independents. Among Republicans without any college education, the share was even larger: 60%, compared with 37% of Republicans with a college degree.
In reality, Hillary Clinton won 2.8 million more votes than Trump.

Image result for alfred e neuman for president

Vincent Viola Named Secretary of the Army - Trump's Parade of Unqualifieds Continues

A Race to the Bottom for Staffing Government

The new Secretary of the Army was announced and it is this guy.

WASHINGTON — Billionaire Florida hockey team owner Vincent Viola is known more for his business success and sports deals than his military acumen. But the 1977 West Point graduate, President-elect Donald Trump's choice for Army secretary, has maintained his service ties since leaving active duty.
Well let's see.  He went to West Point and was in the Army.  So were a lot of people far more qualified than this man to be Army Secretary.  So why him?

While he has steadily built a financial empire — listed 374th on Forbes Magazine's top 400 with a net worth of $1.8 billion — he also has poured money and time into the military academy. Viola was a key donor for the creation of West Point's Combating Terrorism Center and has supported cadet programs.
And as owner of the National Hockey League's Florida Panthers, he has sent the team to West Point for training, and there are several West Point graduates and military veterans working in the front office.
Oh right, he's a billionaire and owns a sports team.  Yep that qualifies him alright.  At least he has heard of the Army.

In a statement Monday, President-elect Donald Trump praised Viola, whose father came to the U.S. from Italy, as "living proof of the American dream" and someone who has "long been engaged with national security issues."

What national security issues?  Well he made a lot of money in finance  Qualifications enough for a clueless President elect.

After Losing Governor’s Race North Carolina Republican Legislature Votes to Eliminate the Position

“Outgoing Republican Gov. Pat McCrory Just Did What We Said Anyway” GOP Leader Says

News That Didn’t Happen – But Might

Raleigh, N. C.  Dec. 20 (UPS).  The Republican controlled state legislature in North Carolina today reacted to the loss of incumbent Republican Pat McCrory in the state’s gubernatorial race by voting to eliminate the Governor entirely from state government.  The unprecedented step came after the GOP members of the state senate concluded that nobody wanted a Democratic Governor in the first place, even if a majority of N. C. voters opted for Democrat Roy Cooper over Republican Pat “the Krapper” McCrory.

Legal scholars in the state said the move was unprecedented and violated the state’s constitution but legislators rejected that argument saying that as Republicans they were not bound by the state laws, regulations and constitution.  “We can do anything we want” said a house member who refused to give his name because, as he said “why would I want all those ‘obey the law’ kooks after me”.

Republicans had initially intended only to strip the newly elected Democratic governor of all power and authority, but then just decided to eliminate the position altogether since in their view it was just a waste of money.  But in a peace offering to the state’s electorate the Republicans said that they would reconsider restoring the position just as soon as a Republican was elected to be Governor.  “That’s what the people want” a house speaker said, adding “I don’t care how they voted, we know what they really desire and if they want to keep the right to vote they better start voting the right way”. 

A number of Republican state legislatures were closely following the development in case voters tried to elect Democrats in the 2018 races.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Think the Media Isn't Biased for Trump? Washington Post Cannot Even Bring Itself to Call Him a Liar

In the Post's World He's a 'Serial Exaggerator'.

From the So Called WaPo Fact Checker

There has never been a serial exaggerator in recent U.S. politics like the president-elect. Donald Trump earned five of this year’s biggest Pinocchio ratings, the most ever in our annual roundup.

How to we know he's lying?  Well his lips are moving aren't they

Entitled South Carolina Subdivision Doesn't Like the Look of Solar Panels in Their Neighborhood

Unbridled Arrogance Personified

For most people solar panels are beautiful.  Looking at solar panels is like looking at free non-polluting electricity.  But if you are an arrogant ignorant homeowner who cares nothing about anyone but themself maybe  you look at solar panels differently.

"Opponents of a solar farm proposed on Dials Mill Road are gearing up for a fight at the Jan. 4 BOC meeting.

Randy Jackson of the Belfair Subdivision Homeowners Association is rallying the troops to oppose the rezone request to allow a special-exemption variation for a solar-panel farm on 199 acres on Dials Mills Road."

What's their beef?  Oh this

"Jackson said removing the panels from the smaller tract was a step in the right direction. He maintains that rest of the last-minute changes were little more than window dressing and did not address any of the real concerns the opponents have to the solar farm. He says it will be an ugly blight in a residential area offering no real benefits to the county."
That's right, because these stupid people have somehow gotten into their pea sized brains that solar panels are ugly.  Or .maybe they just like pollution.  They are dumb enough to think it's good.

Good Grief

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mitt - You Are Not Going to Be Secretary of State - It's Ok To Stop Sucking Up

Maybe Mitt Just Cannot Help It

After being humiliated and embarassed by Donald the Duck would-be but not-going-to-be Secretary of State Mitt Romney still wants to cement his reputation as the politician with the least core principles, a difficult to achieve goal in the land of Trump.  Writing in the Salt Lake newspaper Mitt is still trying to praise but not apologize.

"I was more than a little surprised that the president-elect reached out to me to potentially serve as secretary of state of the United States. I see it as a welcome sign that he will be open to alternative views and even to critics."

Really Mitt, you still don't know what they did to you?  Can you really be that clueless?  How is it that you have a lot of money instead of being a greeter at Walmart?

Why Is This Man Smiling?  Why Do  Any of the Clueless Wear That Stupid Grin?

Miami Beach Mayor Asks Trump to Build Wall to Keep Ocean Out of Miami Beach

Could He Be that Stupid?  Apparently So

Global Warming is destroying Miami Beach.  The ocean level is rising and flooding the city.  The city is taking steps to stop the damage, with walls and pumps, although how exactly pumping the water back into the ocean will change things is not something anyone has ever explained.

Now in Time the major of Miami Beach is imploring Donald Trump to get the feds to build a wall.  Not to keep Mexicans out but to keep the ocean out.

Rising Sea Levels, Full Moon, High Tide Cause Flooding In Miami Beach
Miami Beach, Just a Subaru Forester Enjoying the Surf

"The problem of rising sea levels requires federal attention. There is a multitude of ways that the federal government can invest in resiliency here in Florida: building sea walls at particularly prone sections of shoreline, installing water pumps in at-risk coastal towns and cities or investing money in research by engineers and outside experts to find innovative solutions."

In other words, taxpayes who do not live in the very nice town of Miami Beach should save that town from the folly of global warming, which of course doesn't even exist according to the Trumpster by building a wall to offset rising sea level.  Tell us again why this is a federal problem in a state which is run by Republicans who hate the federal government and only want to decrease federal taxes which would pay for such a thing by giving a massive tax cut to the rich?

Monday, December 19, 2016

Anti-Semetic Jew To Be Ambassador to Israel

Yep, You Gotta Dig Deep Into the Muck to Find One of Those - Trumper Did

The ugliness that is going to be the Donald T Trumpman administration just got a little big uglier with the selection of his bankruptcy lawyer as the chief diplomat to Israel.  Don't think so, well think about this.

Friedman has described J Street, the liberal Zionist lobbying group, as comparable to the “Kapos during the Nazi regime.” The reference is to the prisoners forced to work as functionaries in the concentration camps.
“Finally, are J Street supporters really as bad as kapos? The answer, actually, is no,” Friedman wrote in Arutz Sheva. “They are far worse than kapos—Jews who turned in their fellow Jews in the Nazi death camps. The kapos faced extraordinary cruelty and who knows what any of us would have done under those circumstances to save a loved one? But J Street? They are just smug advocates of Israel’s destruction delivered from the comfort of their secure American sofas—it’s hard to imagine anyone worse.”
Actually not hard to imagine anyone worse.  Just look at two of them in this photo.

David Friedman, named by Donald Trump as his Ambassador to Israel, is ideologically to the right of Benjamin Netanyahu.
Three Pretty Unhappy People